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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 10, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i'm greg gutfeld. please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. tonight for the first time in over four months, president obama held a solo press conference taking questions on a wide variety of issues. welcome to the special edition of hannity. i'm in tonight for sean. earlier, our commander in chief spent most of his time at the podium talking about how he plans to have more trans papercy in his administration when it comes to the nsa surveillance program and while the obama administration would like all news outlets to spend their valuable air time to focus on his meager attempt to, quote, restore the public's trust, there was one key topic the
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president seemed to gloss over. the failing economy. and folks, let's be honest. at the end of the day, that is the most pressing issue facing americans today. joining me now with reaction, radio talk show host, fox news contributor leslie marshall and republican strategist, noel, ladies, good evening. >> good evening. >> so leslie, let me throw it to you and let's look at the number of full time jobs versus part-time jobs added in july. and what this really means to the american people when productivity, 1978 levels, tepid at best recovery, why isn't the president speaking up on the economy? where's the plan? >> well, first of all, he should speak up on the economy. you notice republicans are not talking the economy so much. even though you like to cite the jobs, you say tomato, i say tomato, the bottom line is we have job creation.
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the economy has turned around. there was never a double dip. the housing market has turned around. and you know the economy has turned around when i have banks calling me now saying, what settlement? we want the full amount. we don't want half anymore, the economy has turned around. the president needs, even though the american people care about the economy still and each person does not individually feel the turn-around, albeit slowly trickles down to them, the president i believe was addressing issues that concerning the american people, and the economy is number one on their plate. so they are very concerned about nsa. >> they're concerned and we can multi-task on all of that but let's look at this. nicole, part-time jobs. part time jobss do not pay for full time life styles and americans are urt hg todhurting. it does matter what type of job are being added. if people can't afford to live, consumer spending goes down and we see that reflected in the number that come out of the
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census bureau monthly. so why is there -- i'll take leslie's point. i want the republicans to put their points out first. where are the president's pivot, pivot, pivot pure wet on the economy. when you pivot it is because you have a plan wlaefl don't have is a plan from this administration. and i'll give the liberals, take this line away from them them can't create job but they can foster an environment. where is the plan? >> i hate to do this but leslie, what are you talking about with creating a new jobs? he has been created new jobs. how did those green jobs work so well when van jones created one job which was his own job? so furthermore, i really do not think that the economy is back on its feet when he was saying that the housing market is somewhat repairing and the economy is somewhat repairing. it is an excuse for a mediocre
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job that the president has done. and another thing that he pointed out was the fact that he said, not all laws or bill will fall 100% of the problems. really in do you really want your president saying, hey birk wearing the i'll going to give myself an easy pass because i'm going to use the american people as guinea pigs? i'm going to try obamacare to see what works and what doesn't like nancy pelosi saidering with won't know what's in health care until it passes. >> hang on, hang on. the average payer, the average 30-year mortgage in america right now because of the change in the interest rates, as we have kwan tative easing forever is paying $174 per month. as middle class incomes have dropped $5,000 give or take depending on where you are in the country these are the
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realities people face. and a program that's been going on for 30 years, since the a-corn sittins of homeownership for people who frankly, may not be able to afford that home. >> i have so many things to say. first i went with a realtor for an open house. this was an middle class home. over 500 people showed up. we obviously have it here in southern california. more people trying to purchase homes than there are homes to purchase. secondly, when you talk about the president, it is not his job to create jobs and i find it funny -- >> what? >> always want less government. it is not the president's job to create jobs. >> really! >> it is the private segtor's job to create jobs. they had plenty of opportunities with the bush tax cuts and they didn't. and additionally the republicans
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were not elected to 40 times try to defund and repeal obamacare. even my republicans friends are like enough is enough. >> what jobs have bn created by the republicans? >> let nicole jump in here. >> go ahead. >> it is the president's job to lead us, to help do programs that create jobs. why are you giving him such an easy pass on this? really? you say capitalism, you're a big fan of capitalism? let me tell you something. we have an idealog running our country. he doesn't support capitalism. he is a community organizer. and you know what? if a communicate organizer had to be responsible for paying the bills for his organization, maybe he would think differently than he does. >> all right, ladies, we'll go on to the next thing. >> you're right.
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they can't create jobs but the environment, it is obamacare, the effects, the uncertainty in the market. that's not a partisan issue. and those numbers i mentioned earlier, those are numbers, those are people, those are americans without jobs. when we have americans out of work or underemployed, that affects our country. the president was asked about benghazi today. and we are approaching an almost one-year anniversary. let's hear what he had to say to fox news. >> september 11, the first anniversary of benghazi. and you said make no mistake. 11 months later, where are they? >> well, i also said that we would get bin laden and i didn't get him in 11 months. so we have informed i think the public that there is a sealed indictment. it is sealed for a reason.
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but we are intent on capturing those who carried out this attack. >> now, leslie, one of the men interviewed one of the suspects interviewed in the 9/11 attack in benghazi, the terrorist attack, said, go through the libyan government. i'm a libyan citizen. good luck with that. the president unseals publicly a sealed indictment. goes on jay leno. this is marketed. what about actions? what about we'll bring him to justice? >> well, first of all, i disagree with what he was speaking about on jay leno. what he was speaking about currently, and he is an attorney. and you know that the president is not above the law. especially federal law with the seal indictment. he will bring to justice in the remaining time, and i am confident. >> how are you confident? >> maybe we could bring people to justice if people cared and were more confident in our president than they were in edward snowden. if they had any trust in our government being able to try to
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stop al qaeda threats, with the closure of embassies this past week, or where they're trying to prevent future attacks, or get people responsible for attacks. we did not get osama bin laden by having -- >> let nicole -- 30 seconds. go ahead. >> you know what? he goofed on benghazi. the whole administration has been putting this under the rug. they don't know, their whatever from a hole in the ground and i'm tired of seeing what this administration has done with benghazi. it is insulting. >> noel, leslie, and i got your name right there. still ahead, tonight on this special edition of has nnnity, sean's interview. first, a government watch dog investigation into planned parenthood. i'll explain why the nation's largest abortion provider is being accused of wasting your hard earned tax dollars also.
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the largest abortion provider spends its money. let me put this into perspective. the most recent figures we have from the 2011-2012 fist cat year shows planned parenthood was provided with a starting $542 million in public funds. keep in mind the past three years alone, planned parenthood has performed almost 1 million abortions. joining me now with reaction, our republican strategist, matt, and citizen jane politics editor patricia murphy. good evening to both of you. to the citizen jane, what do yo say about these numbers and what they mean and the application of taxpayer dollars? >> well, it is illegal for
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taxpayer dollars to be used for abortion. there is no debate about that. that has been the case since 1976. if you look at the letter that the members of congress september to the gao to request this investigation, they're actually not accusing planned parenthood of doing anything wrong. they're just asking the gao to give an accounting of what federal dollars are used for. there is no suggestion in that letter that it is being used for abortions. no evidence that it is being used for abortions. if the gao come back and says it is being used for abortions, that will be a major controversy. it is just too early to say. there is no evidence that that's not the case. >> fair enough that it is too early to say on this case. but there already is a history, a settlement in texas. >> i want to throw in a free market solution. here's my solution. you take it away. reduce the rate of abortions. that's something we can all agree on. most americans when polled say this is something they want to do. not a left or right issue.
2:16 am
so what about separating planned parenthood into two entities? and because money is funkible. this is the argument they're investigating and the argument often used. why not separate into two entities? one that provides health care and another one that provides abortion services? that way we the taxpayer know where our money is going? what's wrong with that idea? >> well, i think you're on the right track. and actually, abortions have been coming down over the last generation. and every place but planned parenthood where it is their largest profit center them do one out of four abortions in the country. where every four seconds a child dies in their clinics. it is true that the government money that is over $542 million is supposed to not do anything to promote or pay for abortion. here's the fact. just like you're just saying. abortion in this country is planned parenthood and planned parenthood is abortion.
2:17 am
and that's a fact. there are 7,000 other clinics across this country that are really trying to reach out to women and help them in rural areas, all across this country, and urban areas. the fact is, if abortion cares about helping women, get out of the abortion business and get into the women's health care business. if they want to stay in the abortion business, which is still legal in this country, then we ought to take our taxpayer funded money and send it to the 7,000 other clinic that's don't want to get involved in this very dubious question of providing abortions in this country. >> all right. that a trish, a my free market solution, we separate it. it eliminates the argument over fungable money. what do you think of separating the entities? >> well, obviously that's up to planned parenthood. >> what do you think of the idea? what do you think of the idea of making it clear to the american people that we're not using your taxpayer dollars. it is proof. >> i don't know why you would have to tell a woman you can go
2:18 am
to this place for contraception but you have to go somewhere else to deal with what is probably the worst thing that ever happened to you. >> we're talkinging about two legal entities. >> one for health care services. >> they don't want to do it. >> let's talk about what else planned parenthood does. 3% of what they do are abortions. 97% is not. 35% contraception, 35% sexually trangs mid diseases. i think by lumping it all together, and i think it is to planned parenthood's detriment by lumping it all together, there is an attempt to villainize everything they do. all which of is legal. 100% is legal. the piece that most americans don't want taxpayers to pay for, they done pay for. because peel don't trust them not to be co-mingling the funds doesn't mean they are co-mingling the funds. >> and you said it. gao is going to investigate this. what you're not accepting is that from a business standpoint, and i'll throw this back to you.
2:19 am
>> it's not a business. >> it is a business. >> it's not a business. >> americans every day separates their line of operation. they can identify their funds. it is great for the accountants. i'm talking to both of you, i'm talking about accountability and transparency. matt, transparency, the solution? >> absolutely. let's look at what she just said. she said everything planned parenthood is legal. they just settled a case for medicare fraud. medicaid fraud in tex for over $4 million. the reason why the gao will look at planned parenthood is because in this $534 of my money, your money they're spending to do all kinds of services, that they have their has not in the till and they stole money. who got that money? where did it go? congress ought to ask questions. there are other whistle blowers saying they got incentive pay or they were encouraged to push women toward abortion. 98% of the pregnant women that
2:20 am
walk into planned parenthood colonel out witho come out without a baby. you can't separate abortion from planned parenthood or planned parenthood from abortion. to say it is otherwise is a sham. >> i'll let you respond to that. >> i want to say i don't think it is fair for the women who go into planned parent hood to say you can go here for one thing. you can go here for something else. >> no, no, hang on. >> you're mischaracterizing what i said. i'm talkinging about an entity separation. >> you asked me how it would be for businesses. how it would be for something paying their taxes through an accountant. i'm saying how it would be for women. a woman goes for planned parenthood for an array of services. all which of are legal. only part of which are paid for with federal funds. a woman should not have to go to a different facility based on what she's getting she has to go to different facilities. i have to leave it there.
2:21 am
patricia murphy and matt, and we will continue to see this. we'll follow it. we will see what happens with the gao report. up next, countless americans flock to down halls. their opposition to the president's radical agenda. now a new town hall tour is about to kick off across the nation to call for the defunding of obamacare. the organizer of this movement, senator jim demint from the heritage u heritage foundation, will be hear to explain. plus, be sure to catch the video of the day. option number two comes to us courtesy of the king of late night. offering up a few more punch lines at anthony weiner's expense. >> this is what happened when he trade to put a play thor on another woman's windshield. another woman's windshield. later, another woman acosted
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good for you. and your cronies in the government. >> it is not about left and right. this is about the systematic dismantling of this country. i am only 35 years old. i have never been interested in politics. you have awakened the sleeping giant. >> it's been four years since
2:26 am
protesters of the president's health care overhaul confronted their representatives during those hostile town hall meetings. now in an effort to stop obamacare, the heritage action for america will host town hall meetings across the country to promote the growing effort to defund obamacare. is this the beginning of round two? here to tell us someone who will be attending the meetings, the heritage foundation president and form he south carolina senator, jim demint. senator, great to see you. >> david, it's great to be with you. this is going to be an exciting tour and i'm glad to be invited by heritage action to go all around the country and get the american people engaged. >> senator, as an original tea party founder, i would like to see this. they went local, they went home, they went to educate themselves and it is great to see think tanks which i have historically called areas that think and not
2:27 am
do, actually do. so think tanks think but now the heritage action is planning to do. what is your first goal with this? >> well, we know that obamacare is unfair. it is unaffordable, unworkable and very unpopular. and this may be our last best chance to stop it. a lot of folks don't know in less than two months, october 1st, americans will begin to be forced into signing up for obamacare. if not, individuals will get fined. it is unfair because the president has given waivers to congress and unions and big corporations but not to individuals. and many young people could pay two or three time what they've been paying for health insurance. so this is an urgent matter. the bill will hurt our country. it will hurt people. and we want to tell americans, if they just get in touch with their congressman and senators, and tell them to fund the government, but don't fund
2:28 am
obamacare. it makes no sense when part of this bill has already been delayed. we need to defund the rest of it. >> senator, to keep this pressure up, you have to go to those millennials. they are the ones who will pay for this. their children will pay for this. how do you reach them? one of the challenges of conservatives is getting to those younger people and getting them to understand that this is your cost. this is where you're going to pay for it. >> it is a little easier for us outside of politics. we're not representing the republicans or democrats. we're talking to young people about their hopes and dreams, their opportunities. and trying to explain to them, is this thing basically bankrupts the government. a lot of the thing they dream about and hope for are not going to happen. we need to connect with it what they care about. and we found when we talked to them one-on-one, they get it. more and more folks understand that this is a joke, is the word they use a lot. so we cannot allow congress to
2:29 am
fund something that the majority of americans feel like is a joke. but it is going to be no joke when people end up paying thousands more a area for something and getting less for it. many doctors are not even going to take the type of health care, the health care plans that these folks are going to end up on will. >> what is the -- who are the good guys in there working with us? americans look and they go, it is the political class versus all of us. and you're right. it is not a partisan issue. we're all going to suffer under obamacare. who are the good guys who will step out on the road with you, that are going to stand up for the american people and actually write legislation that we can get through to stop this? >> well, there are some great advocates in the senate. ted cruz will be with us. and some of these town halls. his dad, harafael is one of the more inspiring people. i can see where ted got his fire. but rafael will be traveling to
2:30 am
all the of the cities. but make lee has been a real champion, marco rubio. so some of the champions that have just come into the senate in the last few years are going to be out on the road over the break, talking about how bad this bill is and how there are so many good choices to obamacare to get people better health care that will deliver a better health care for america. so it is time for americans to get engaged again. we saw what they did in 2010 when they stood up and spoke out. that's what we're trying to do. reunite a lot of americans around this effort to stop obamacare. >> you're an old marketing guy so let's bring the marketing back into play. how do you get to democrats? specifically, and independents with this effort? they have to buy in. we know that the conservatives get this message. but you have to get out to those independents and democrats. >> we really do. and i think independents are definitely moving our wafrl we
2:31 am
know already a majority of americans want this bill stopped. we saw in the house, 17 democrats voted to repeal it. the more pressure that the american people put on congress, the more likely some of the democrats will break with president obama and harry reid and vote with the american people. we've got to make it feel like in washington, americans want this thing stopped. we have to make a little noise in august to make sure folks in congress are listening. because they're a little hard of hearing. >> so you're starting off in arkansas. you're working your way to wilmington, delaware. >> we hope folks will go to heritage find out all the cities we're going to. it is not just there. we're working the whole country through folks who volunteer for
2:32 am
heritage action and a lot of other conservative groups. i think you will see people all over the country going out to any town halls that congressmen and senators have and giving them an earful. >> if they are there to have them, i'm sure you'll be there to have at them. i like it. a think tank that is going to actually do the faculties coming out of the lounge. thank you, senator demint. still ahead, sean sits down with country superstar brad paisley. but first -- >> even the lunatic cable tv and right wing crazy radio networks, they only have so much time that they can devote to female hate freaks. or any kind of hate freaks. >> we'll calm down the most outrageous examples of liberal hate speech from the radio airwaves. that's my area. and believe me, there is a mountain of material to choose from.
2:33 am
and don't forget on logon to hannity live. cast your vote for the video of the day. go to your third and final option is there. it is always one of my favorites. a california high speed car chase caught on tape. want to see how it ends?
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welcome back to this special edition of hannity. if you think liberal hate speech is bad on television, you won't believe what is being spewed every day on the airwaves of radio. joining me now to go through some of the most outrageous examples, the radio equalizer, brian maloney. how are you? >> great. thanks for having me on. >> so let's fire up the first one. this is ed schultz who blame the detroit bankruptcy on republican promises and lies. let's hear it.
2:38 am
>> republican promises and lies were at the core of the destruction of detroit. you have to admit that outsourcing and laying money offshore and not paying taxes, that's a republican thing. >> so no republican governance at all in that city since 1961. one republican councilmember, same congressman, john dingle for 57 years, since he was 29. tax and spend policies. city pensions, benefits handed out, the largest chunk, and it is all the republicans. >> really? that's an old progressive trick which is to blame the federal government or reagan or some long lost republican administration for what is happening locally as though local leaders have no responsibility. they've done that in other places. not just detroit. talked to people in oakland. do they blame who they've elected in oakland? no. they've blamed someone else,
2:39 am
somewhere else. republicans are an easy target. >> let's go. and i jokingly said it. liz cheney, the daughter of vice president cheney, she is now getting attacked. and this is also one of the other haters out there. mike malloy. >> the vampire's daughter has decided to run for office. she is the vampire, too, of course. i'm talking about liz chain-ey. god, that woman is scary. do you think dick cheney got excited from acts of mass murder? wait until liz cheney has a chance to exercise the same prerogatives. thumbs up, thumbs down, let them eat cake. >> all right. let's face it. is this guy even in reality? i mean, more people have just heard what he said than listened but it is the hate that we have to highlight.
2:40 am
>> we have a real obsession with the cheneys. so much for progressive tolerance and diversity. >> they're not very tolerant, are they? >> it is selective. she is a republican so none of those labels apply. suddenly she has to be evil. >> well, i'll go further. it is because you don't agree with them. they'll eat their own when necessary. it seems to be the progressive thing. here is, well, mike malloy again. because, you know, i have to play this. i have a point to make on this one. >> if you spend much time -- >> i don't know what to say about obama and his love affair with the bush family. i think it is a fact that barbara bush does not like negroes. >> really? here's the sad part. i was part of the literacy program when barbara bush and rudy tom, and the houston rockets' wife sophie, and i was a spokesman out there for them. so paermtly the barbara bush
2:41 am
folks and barbara bush had no problem with this negro if a conservative used that term on the air, he has a pass because as he progressive. >> i think that mean they're regressive in their thoughts. all right. >> if you spend much time in the web blog world, you probably noticed certainly over the last year, year and a half, the hate hags have become more creepier than usual. i mean, they're already creepy. but now they've moved the dialogue creepy. michelle malkin has extent you said her compute rid language against immigrants suggesting they need to be punished. that militia this sh keep vermin
2:42 am
out of her country. she has that special personality that people love to hate. why would the little malignant malkin be so willing to turn up her immigrant hate message along with the dozens of other hate lines she uses every day? it is the same story. the rush limbaugh story. it is simple. even the lunatic cable tv and right wing crazy radio networks, they only have so much time that they can devote to female hate freaks. or any kind of hate creeks like malkin or her gutter mouth sister ann coulter. there is a limited at of hate freak time available. that's the case with all the hate talkers. talking about rush, hannity -- >> and there you have it. more hateful he spent more time spewing hate than actually proving it. and here's the thing. they do it in the headlines or the open for the segment, never support it in the story.
2:43 am
>> the real war on women is coming from the left when they want to attack a woman, it is okay because what sf she is conservative? this war on women and tarring the right with this when clearly, they can say whatever nasty thing they want. they don't really believe what they stand for, do they? >> even if they believe it, here's my take? can they prove it? they can never prove anything, brian. and this is the problem. it is regressive. not progressive. it is not a bad word. it is progress. these men and women, they're the opposite. they're regressives and that's what it comes down. to finish up. >> yeah. how do you prove, though, hate hags? that's just, you're just sliming people. and the fact is, even if you've never heard of the guy. he is on msnbc. he is associated with all these left wing figures. he is a major trial lawyer in
2:44 am
florida. >> he's a moderate player in the hate world. it is about hate, not about facts. coming up next, sean sits down with the one and only brad paisley, the one and only, talking about his brand new album and much more. and make sure you head to hannity live to cast your vote for the wheel of the day. we'll unveil the winner at the end of the show.
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welcome back to this special edition of hannity. country music assumer star brad paisley is currently crisscrossing the country with his, quote, beat this summer tour. and it is definitely one of the must-see concerts of the summer. the three-time grammy winner recently took a break from the road to sit down with sean to talk about his new cd called wheel house and much more. >> we welcome back to the program ourg good friend brad paisley. i think you got three grammy awards since i've seen you last. >> this album we believe to number one in the billboard charts again, right?
2:49 am
>> why have you been able to sustain your level of success when so many can't? i've become friends with you and your dad and your family. you just keep going along and getting bigger every year. how is that possible? >> well, i don't know. i feel like if you look at the success of somebody from country music that has been around a while, like a george strait, it is always about the songs. it is about singing something that people want to say that's my story that's your job in country music, to be down to earth with them. i think george used to say to the opry fan before they would walk out, keep it close to the ground, boys, which meant, basically let's be on the same level of the people watching us play. and i think if you do that, you'll be around for a while. >> it seems like it.
2:50 am
it seem like they really, they're similar in the sense to nascar fans. it is kind of the same demographic, i think. that's a real quality in this day and age. >> i love -- the first singles have gone number one. southern comfort zone and i like the summer song. that's awesome. i listen to it in the car with my kids. we love your music. you are not like the comedian in terms of music. >> i get away with things other people don't. i always found a way to be -- to sort of make the snarky comments and host an awards show and goof around up there. roast people and -- i don't know. early on they lead me spread my wings and be that guy. i'm very, very comfortable in that role. >> i noticed. i watched you hosting the awards shows and you seem comfortable up there. >> not taking myself that
2:51 am
seriously. i like the idea of the limited amount of fame that a person has being able to entertain people, period. that's fun. >> did you want to do this your whole life. >> that's a great question. i don't think anybody has asked me that in an interview. way or another. i don't know if i have an identity without a guitar. >> i don't have an identity without yelling@liberal. >> it's like an addiction and a fuel that i don't think i could ever pass up. there comes a time when there fewer and fewer people looking at you when you sing. >> that doesn't happen to you. >> not yet, but when you day comes, i'm a member of the grand ole opry and they have to come up with me as a way for a new guy. >> you are really thinking into the future. is there anything -- i have been doing radio since 1986.
2:52 am
tv i have been doing out here on the fox news channel for 17 years. i have done shows and having a live audience, is there anything better some. >> no, there isn't. i feel like my wife is an actress and i feel for her. >> i feel for her too having married you, but i will get to that in a minute. you have to find dirt on people. >> when i first met her, she was taping a sitcom and feeding that a little bit. actors and actresses that do entertainment jobs, you are affecting millions of people and barely ever meet them. in my case i look a lot of these people in the eye and that's fun. >> being on the road and there were years i did 60 cities.
2:53 am
there is nothing like meeting people you agree with. they understand your jokes. they listen to you and it's a lot of fun. i think of all the ways of communication, the most powerful, not radio or tv or not the movies. it's music. >> i think it's it's the type of thing that somehow it's one of the things that science will never be able to explain. they can explain away a lot of stuff. when you talk about why, you look at the structure and the massive why certain things, why the a-440 tone vibrates at that frequency. >> again, i lost you the minute i tell why something works. it's magic. what is it like when youor stage. i have a lot of friends and we have mutual friends and i look out in the audience and you can see all the ranges of emotion possible.
2:54 am
crying, happiness, joy, pandemonium. that's just my band. what does it mean when your song touches someone so deeply and you see a tear coming down their face. >> that's why you wrote it. i hope. in that sense. to me -- >> you want to make young girls cry. that's horrible. >> to some degree. >> that's horrible. >> crying in a good way. unlike you. i have seen you make people cry. >> i make liberals cry. if i make them leave, i had terrell rip off his mike and run off the show. i love your music. i have for a long time and i watched you since you came on the country music scene and it has been fun getting to know you and see all your success. i couldn't be happier for you. your wife married down and you married up. it's great to see you. good luck. >> coming up next right here on hannity, the viewer's choice for
2:55 am
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>> welcome back to hannity. it's time to reveal what you, the viewers, have chosen as tonight's video of the day. you selected the clip of the accused drunk driver given the police the old song and dance. take a look.
2:58 am
you not going to do any more test? >> like that? you want me to make that? what? i don't give a [ bleep ]. i don't care. i'm not driving anyway. woo! woo! woo! right there. you. don't do that. >> you want to give the last one a try. >> more test. >> that's all the time we have left this evening. left this evening. ♪
2:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪
3:00 am
♪ >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is saturday, august 10th. thanks for joining us. we do start with a fox news alert. a big break massive manhunt for accused kidnapper and california teenager. police find suspect's car and received word that the two are still alive. this morning, devastating news about that girl's little brother. we have the latest in this developing story. and the tax man is at it again. just when you thought this irs scandal couldn't get any more appalling new details he emerge that the irs has another target small business owners, tell you what they are doing this time. >> and they say happy wife, happy life. what if that